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October 12, 2018

Whom would you like to meet?

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Before the Feast of Tabernacles I asked: "Whom would you like to meet in the world of tomorrow? It should be someone whom you do not know or cannot get to know today, and it should preferably be someone whom you can already get to know during the 1000 year reign of Jesus, i.e. after the First Resurrection."

Below are the answers to the question. The number in brackets after the name shows how often the person was mentioned. First, biblical personalities are listed, then other persons. All comments received are listed (some names were mentioned without further comment).

With these thoughts I wish everyone a rewarding Sabbath!

Warm Christian regards,

Paul Kieffer

Abraham (3)

Because of his unconditional trust in God as a friend of God, because of his obedience, patience, humility, and prudence as a teacher, grandfather, father or husband.


He and his wife Ruth were role models of faith and love.

Daniel (5)

Because of his trust in God, without fear of man, determined, consistent (attitude of prayer). He separated himself from the world as a young man.

Because of his exemplary character, his way of life and his interesting prophecies, some of which have come true.

I find the faith and courage of Daniel and his friends exemplary even in very difficult situations.

A very faithful prophet and man of God, who was close to God.

David (4)

Because he is a man after God's heart – he was flawed, but humble enough to change his life for the better.

I look forward to meeting King David. He was a man, as we all are, but God was first in his life. He loved the law of God and meditated on it day and night (Psalm 119:97).




The only one of the 12 apostles who was present at the crucifixion, the favourite disciple of Jesus who was faithful to the end.

He has many characteristics that Jesus (the perfection of everything) liked very much and to which Jesus was attracted. John writes a lot about true love. I like to read his letters the most in the New Testament.


A man of patience and faith.


Because of his faith as a "stranger". God dedicates many words to him in the Book of Acts and gives instructions to Peter only because of him. We belong to Israel not through our birth, but through Jesus our Messiah.

Mary (Martha's sister)

She seems to have been a very empathetic woman and Jesus also liked her very much.

Moses (4)

He had a great education in a royal environment. But when he learned of his ancestry, he stood up for his countrymen. Then he was quasi degraded and is called to accomplish a great task. His patience, his faith and his strength are my role models.

Noah (5)

He lived at the time of Methuselah and he lived while Adam was still alive. He probably knew all the important people from Adam to his own children; the history of mankind from the beginning to the Flood. If Noah and Methuselah knew each other, Noah certainly knew a lot about this time, because there is not much about it in the Bible.

What was it like when the flood came and how did it all work with the animals in the ark?

What was it like for him having to endure this mockery? How did he continue? And how hard was it for him (and his family) being shut in in the ark and hearing the people cry for help as the water was rising?

Paul (4)

As a Pharisee well versed in the Torah, he was a zealous and violent persecutor of the first Christians. After his conversion, he was a zealous, peaceful preacher of Jesus' message. He was then tortured himself for this reason, but did not allow himself to be dissuaded from preaching the gospel. How does he explain his change in this context? His concrete explanations could make it easier for us to help people understand God's way after the second resurrection.

A man who endured so much in the service of God and who did not give up. But he could also clear up so many misunderstandings from his letters.

How did he succeed in keeping faith with all the problems he went through?

He was a very faithful man before and after his calling. What is particularly good about him, to me, is that he never conveyed his faith fanatically. With very fine diplomacy Paul pointed people to the true God and led them to Him. I would like to learn from this.


A smart, clever, determined woman who made sure that God's promise about the younger son was fulfilled.


A role model in faith and love (together with Boaz)



How was he able to ask God's grace for those who stoned him to death. Divine love will be granted to his enemies by God, through this prayer, that they too may come to the knowledge of the truth.

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