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May 12, 2009

Council of Elders retreat (Day 3)

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The Council of Elders 3 day retreat ends today.

Today is the final day of our Council of Elders retreat CoE retreat at the Bradford Woods center south of Indianapolis. We have enjoyed beautiful weather and a very pleasant setting for our three days of meetings. The discussions have been in a relaxed and open setting. In addition to the opportunity to address some questions that have been on people’s minds for months, the retreat helps us to get to know one another as individuals. Although I know each member of the Council, I do not know some as well as others, so spending time together helps me to understand where some of the other Council members are "coming from", as we say. One term that came up several times these last three days was "world view", reflecting the way each person tends to filter information based on personal background, etc. After lunch today everyone is leaving, with some of the men catching a flight back home either this afternoon or evening. I fly back to Germany tomorrow from Indianapolis.

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