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May 27, 2009

UCG’s new Speaking Guidelines

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The United Church of God Council of Elders has approved new guidelines for UCG elders speaking to non-UCG groups.

At its May 2009 meeting,the Council of Elders adopted new guidelines to be applied in cases where UCG elders receive invitations to speak at other churches or religious organizations.The new guidelines will no doubt be scrutinized carefully. For me personally, one of the most interesting statements in the new guidelines has to do with UCG’s within the greater community of believers.

Guidelines Regarding Elders of the United Church of God Speaking to Other Churches/Religious Organizations


The United Church of God, an International Association (hereafter UCGIA), acknowledges that the Body of Christ is a spiritual organism transcending corporate boundaries. We do not claim that all Christians are among our fellowship, neither do we claim to be the only organization through which God may be working. UCGIA desires, therefore, to promote unity and cooperation and to share our beliefs and teachings within the broader Church of God community.

UCGIA also believes that a Christian teacher, in following the examples of Jesus Christ and the apostles, is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God with other individuals and religious organizations, whenever granted opportunity. This responsibility encompasses professing believers and non-believers.

A proposal to replace the existing policy was first presented to the Council of Elders at its December 2008 meeting.The intent of the proposal was to create a more flexible process that would allow consideration of invitations and subsequent decisions to be effected at the lowest possible level. The old policy required the approval of the UCG president before an invitation could be accepted. The new guidelines are especially helpful in the international areas.

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