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February 4, 2010

Music Program in Suriname

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Our members in Suriname are expanding their assistance program for underpriveleged children to include music instruction.

United Church of God members Claid and Marcia Dalfour hope to expand their educational program music instruction in Suriname for underpriveleged children in Paramaribo, Suriname, to include music instruction. For over a year Claid and Marcia have hosted some 30 children ages 3-7 for 2-3 hours each Saturday. Some of the children who participate do not have shoes. The Dalfours teach them basic Christian principles via hymns, which the children memorize. They help the older children with elementary reading skills, and they teach all the children basic social skills like saying "Please" and "Thank you." Claid and Marcia are both talented musicians, and they have begun teaching some of the children music, including playing a few musical instruments. However, their resources are limited, so when more funds are available they will expand the program by procuring some more used musical instruments locally. On my visit to Suriname last year I was impressed with the musicality of the children during our first official United Church of God church service in Paramaribo. I wish Claid and Marcia continued success in this fine effort!

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