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March 28, 2010

Baptism in Suriname

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Our small United Church of God group in Suriname grew a little larger today with a baptism in the afternoon prior to this evening’s Passover service.

Baptism in Suriname
 Marcos Rosales baptizes Gerda, assisted by
 Mr. Stan Braumuller from Florida.
Baptism in Suriname
 Marcos Rosales, Gerda and daughter Precious,
 Siegfried Heynes and Barbara Braumuller.

New United Church of God elder Marcos Rosales is visiting Suriname for the beginning of the spring festival. Marcos arrived late Thursday from Curacao, where he maintains a residence. On this trip Marcos is being assisted by Stan Braumuller. Stan is a member from Florida who is from Suriname, so he understands the local culture well and speaks Dutch as well. Stan has been a big help in the last year in arranging lodging for our visits to Suriname. Stan’s wife Barbara is with him for this visit to Suriname.

The first order of business after their arrival was a public Bible lecture on Friday evening for our "Good News" subscribers and invited guests. From Curacao Marcos had written all of the 50 or so "Good News" subscribers and invited them to attend the lecture. 15 people were present for the lecture. Marcos talked about Jesus’ real message, the kingdom of God.

After several hours of baptism counseling and preparation via assigned readings in advance in our literature, Gerda Wouter was baptized today by Marcos and Stan. Gerda is a singled mother who attends our Sabbath meetings with her daughter Precious. Mr. Siegfried Heynes was also present for the baptism. Mr. Heynes is a long-time member of the church of God.

On the first day of unleavened bread Marcos will be giving the sermon, and prior to the last day of the feast he will return to Curacao. Stan and Barbara will be in Suriname for the last day of the feast, and Stan will be giving the sermon on that day.

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