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August 4, 2011

Removing a tree stump

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This view is not the usual one when removing a tree stump.

This is what it looks like when you remove a tree stump "from underneath," tree stump removal if you want to call it that. Actually the tree was knocked down during hurricane Katrina six years ago but a small part of the root system was still connected, so the tree did not die. Cutting all the smaller roots took care of that, then it was just a matter of hacking away with the tools available to get the entire tree out of the way. Without professional equipment it takes a while, but eventually you get the job done. This is Monica standing "under" the stump. This was the last tree to be removed of the several on our property and the property next door that had been knocked down during the hurricane. This tree was on the property next door belonging to Monica’s sister.

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