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December 20, 2011

Home Repair, part 2

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Today we completed the home repair project for this trip to the USA.

A week after having completed phase 1, we worked on the inside of the house window repair in the living room to replace the drywall that had been damaged by water seepage from the outside where the window mounts were no longer watertight. All along the windows (four of them) we replaced the drywall with pine "tongue and groove" decorative wall boards, after having replaced the insulation and cleaned everything out in the affected areas. I was surprised at how brittle the drywall had become in places. Although it was dry (now), it just crumbled out in places where the water had gotten into it. Before replacing the baseboard, we filled up any remaining cracks with sprayable insulation foam. With the outside window mounts taken care of, this should last for a while.

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