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February 4, 2012

Farewell for Victor de Jong

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Today our Dutch congregation had a farewell party for Victor de Jong, who is moving to the USA later this month.

After an afternoon service in Maarn (east of Utrecht) we drove about 15 minutes to a bowling alley where we first farewell for Victor had a bowling activity. Victor had one of the top scores. Then we had an all-you-can-eat meal in the grill restaurant at the bowling alley. During the meal, Dutch elder Marcos Rosales made some comments about Victor’s participation in the "Speaker’s Club", patterned after the old Spokesman Club. It seems that Victor had completed 11 of the 12 speeches, and Marcos asked him to give a short impromptu speech. When Victor complied, it was judged to be a successful twelfth and concluding speech and Marcos then presented him with his certificate of completion. The Dutch congregation also presented him an early wedding gift. Victor will be leaving for the USA on February 16, where he and Jackie Seiglie will be married in April. My advice to him was: Don’t root for the Yankees! (He will be living in Red Sox country not far from Boston.)

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