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March 13, 2012

Opa at the park with Dylan

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Some beautiful weather provided Opa a chance to bond with youngest grandson Dylan.

I made a quick visit to Dallas to help daughter Rachel by babysitting for her as she helped out with a book fair as a fundraising Opa at the park project at the elementary school where grandsons Sean and Adrian attend. The visit was a chance to see if the Skype sessions I have had with grandson Dylan (now one year old) would provide a basis for bonding in person. It seems they did! Dylan recognized Opa’s voice and mannerisms and did not put up much of a fuss when it was just Opa and Dylan at home. I spent my time in Dallas trying to get him to say "Opa" and towards the end of my stay he said it a few times on his own. At the park Dylan was not too excited about riding the spring mounted horse with Opa, but he did like the swings and climbing up the stairs on the small slide to have Opa help him glide down the slide. Now it’s back to Skype sessions until I see him again, hopefully this summer. Dylan sure recognizes a Skype call – a couple of times during my visit Skype rang on Rachel’s computer and he scooted over there in a flash!

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