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April 24, 2012

A Kieffer gets published

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My nephew Lon 's book on caregivers has been published and is available on amazon.

Lon is named after my oldest brother (his first son), who is named after my dad. You might be a caregiver if With 25 years of service as a healthcare professional, he knows his field pretty well. His attention in recent years is devoted to Caregivers, who derive much of their personal satisfaction through serving others. In his 25 years of healthcare experience Lon noticed that caregivers – professional and non-professional alike – had similar personality traits. Lon’s observation is that caregivers then often lose perspective on how to please themselves. He wrote his book to help caregivers learn about themselves through increased awareness and acceptance of who and what they are and, more importantly, why they do what they do. Lon Kieffer asks readers to join him as a caregiver and his alter-ego "DOC" the "Defender of Caregivers" as they take the reader through a personal journey of awareness and acceptance that will separate them from "Caregiver Distortions" that trap caregivers in an often never-ending cycle of EGO (Expectation, Guilt, Obligation) driven over-rationalization that causes caregivers to care for others and then wonder what happened to them. Lon’s book is available on amazon.com.

My nephew Lon is a cancer survivor himself and the single father of two grown children. He still kids me about the bad umpiring call I made on him when his dad (my brother) and I filled in for the absent umpires at his youth baseball game in June 1973. :-)

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