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August 7, 2012

"The games must go on!"

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This post is not about the Olympics, but about Filipino resourcefulness in the ongoing flooding in the Philippine capital, Manila.

Having lived nearly seven years in the Philippines, I learned that Filipinos have their own way of dealing Manila flooding with adversity like nature's storms during the rainy season. According to the news reports, the torrential downpours mean that about one third of the Manila area is flooded and people are having to be rescued out of their homes. Flooding during the rainy season is a chronic problem for the low lying areas of Manila. One time while we lived there I was supposed to fly on a Friday to Butuan City on the island of Mindanao. It was pouring down rain as we left for the domestic airport and about halfway there we had to turn back because the streets were flooded, forcing a cancellation of my trip. However, the flooding this time did not keep these young fellows from being online and playing their computer games at a flooded internet shop! I guess the shop owner has his electrical connections high enough that the flooding did not cause any short circuits or damage to his PCs.

PS: I see I need a new topic category for posts like this one! :-)

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