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August 15, 2012

It was only 52 GB!

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Monica had a surprise trying to get on the internet with our wireless data card this morning. AT&T had blocked our data account!

Because of the location of the house within the Mobile city limit, we have no other alternative for broadband internet. We had gotten an AT&T data plan several years ago when they were still offering unlimited data for a wireless data card. But those plans are being canceled, and ours was this morning. AT&T claimed they had been telling us this for a year, but we never got any notice. So we had to change over to a 5 GB monthly limit plan. Once that was arranged, the wireless data card worked again. Monica checked her bill for the month when our grandchildren were in Mobile (July). They watched a lot of stuff on the internet. We only used 52 GB of data for that month, which is ten times more than our new plan allows. Oh well, I guess we will have to watch our internet usage now.

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