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June 21, 2012

"Gute Nachrichten" article reprinted

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An article by Mario Seiglie published in the Gute Nachrichten magazine has been reprinted in a German science book.

Several months ago, German chess historian Gerhard Josten, author of several books on the history of chess and chess strategies, asked me for permission to reprint the German translation of Mario Seiglie's Ein All ohne Knall "Good News" article "Our Amazing Spaceship Earth" (in German "Unser erstaunliches Raumschiff Erde"). The article was originally published as the lead article in the March-April 2007 issue of our "Gute Nachrichten magazine" and Mr. Josten wanted to include it in a new science book with other contributions of well-known scientists to refute the Big Bang theory. While working on his book, Mr. Josten had found Mario Seiglie's article on our website and expressed his deepest respect for the thorough research and the quality of publication. The permission for the reprint was granted by the United Church of God-Germany, provided Mr. Josten would publish the article in its entirety and also include a link to the source of our article on our website. We did not hear anything more about this, but our German office received two signed, advance copies of Gerhard Josten's book "Ein All ohne Knall" ("A Universe without a Bang"). The soft cover book has 269 pages and features Mr. Seiglie as a co-author. The book is listed on Amazon.de. For us it was very encouraging to see that the quality of our "Gute Nachrichten" magazine is noticed and appreciated by the international academic world. Congratulations to Mario Seiglie for effort in writing the article!

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