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October 1, 2012

2012 Feast of Tabernacles in Schluchsee

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The town of Schluchsee in the southern Black Forest was again the site for our annual Feast of Tabernacles.

193 people from 10 different countries met in Schluchsee for this year's Feast. The nice weather and beautiful scenery added to the focus of the Kingdom of God in this year's messages. The services were held in the Village Hall, which provided a beautiful view of the lake and a very nice restaurant. The services were translated simultaneously into English or German as needed. Feast of Tabernacles 2012 The Feast began with rousing music, beautiful flowers and glowing candles, setting the stage for a wonderful Feast. The welcome evening provided us the opportunity to greet old friends and meet new ones. The Feast activities began with a Bible study for the seniors, children's party and youth activity that again challenged their go-cart driving skills. This year the afternoon tour led us to an outdoor museum in Alsace, France, where we were able to see how families lived centuries ago. There was also bowling for the seniors, volleyball, women's breakfast, men's and women's discussions, hymn singing, game night and of course lots of food and fellowship. The dance evening was a success as live music was provided by the band until late into the night. The youth also had several Bible studies in which they shared with each other what spiritual lessons they learned in the last year as well as how one should understand tolerance from Jesus and how it should be applied today. There were two baptism ceremonies at the end of the Feast, one lady from the church in Holland and the other lady from the Dormagen, Germany, congregation. The farewell evening after the Eighth Day gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to each other. There were many handshakes, hugs and good wishes as we wished each other safe travels, good health, and a blessed year until the Feast of Tabernacles in Schluchsee, Germany, next year.

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