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August 5, 2013

Summer Camp 2013 in the UK

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11 young people from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland attended this year's summer camp hosted by the United Church of God British Isles. Camp was in session from July 26 to August 4.

UK summer camp The venue for camp the Peak Centre in the village of Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District, with the closest major airport in nearby Manchester. This year's activity was larger than recent years: 31 campers in the age range 7-19 years, plus 14 adults and a few visitors on the Sabbath. There were 52 people present for the second Sabbath service. A family of 5 Australians, living temporarily in the UK, visited on the final Friday and Sabbath and their 3 children enjoyed the visit.

The 31 campers came from the UK (16), Germany (7), the Netherlands (3), Ireland (2) and Latvia (2) and Switzerland (1). The 14 adults came from the UK (11), Austria (1), the Netherlands (1) and Germany (1). The volunteer staff put in much personal effort and worked well together as a team.

The camp program included 4 activities arranged with the Peak Centre (archery, circus skills, fencing, climbing wall). In addition, we spent an afternoon in the city of Sheffield (Laser Quest and swimming) and late/morning and afternoon in the town of Buxton (shopping, picnicking, walking in the park, visiting the museum). In addition, there were crafts activities, watching DVDs (Disney's Ratatouille for the younger ones and The Hobbit for those over age 12), indoor and outdoor games and sports.

There were also regular forums with biblically-based discussions on age-appropriate topics. These sessions were led by several of the adults present. Discussions centered on the Golden Rule, etiquette, the beliefs of the Church, taking God's name in vain, prayer and Bible Study, not putting a stumbling block in others' way, various applications of "the borrower is servant to the lender" principle, as well as several other topics, including Internet dangers and the new challenges of "sexting" and online bullying. One evening saw a fairly frank discussion with those campers over age 12 related to the subject of premarital sex (teens aren't naive, they are very aware of what goes on around them).

The group danced to the beat of Zumba and also learned some traditional Scottish country dance steps.

Each day's activities ended with a hymn and a prayer, and on most days the activities began the same way. Campers were encouraged to volunteer for prayers before meals and at the beginning and end of the day. Interestingly, the younger children volunteered regularly, but the older teens were more reluctant. Prayers were given in English, German, Dutch and Latvian, by both boys and girls.

Campers returned home safely and reported enthusiastically on their camp experience.

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