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August 28, 2013

"Gute Nachrichten" quoted in new book

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Information on the origin of Christmas originally published in the Gute Nachrichten magazine has been reprinted in a German book on the Roman Catholic Church.

Some months ago author Georg F. Beutler requested permission to quote material about Christmas that had been published Die Römisch-Katholische Kirche im Lichte göttlicher Weisheit in our "Gute Nachrichten" magazine. We generally grant permission on the condition that the author refer directly to our website in his acknowledgement. Mr. Beutler's book has now been published, the first in a three part series: "Die Römisch-Katholische Kirche im Lichte göttlicher Weisheit" ["The Roman-Catholic Church in the light of divine wisdom"], subtitled "Eine Anleitung zum rechten Umgang mit der Römisch-Katholischen Kirche aus der Sicht christlicher Offenbarungen" ["Guidance on the proper approach to the Roman-Catholic Church from the viewpoint of biblical revelation"].

We received an advance copy of the 431 page book, and, as requested, Mr. Beutler acknowledged our magazine as the source of his quotes. We are quoted several times on the non-biblical origin of Christmas. Mr. Beutler introduced the quotes with the following reference: "An independent church, the 'Vereinte Kirche Gottes', an established religious society in Germany, has this to say . . ." He prefaces another quote by saying: "I discovered the following well-presented explanation from the religious society 'Vereinte Kirche Gottes' and quote with its permission . . ." All quotes are presented with footnotes referencing the original material in our publications.

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