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July 25, 2006

One man chain saw crew

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The Katrina clean-up continues in segments. Now it’s time to get rid of the last of the trees that Katrina knocked over.

Paul Kieffer with chain saw Katrina knocked over 9 trees either on our property, my sister-in-law’s property right next door or the adjoining lot that we maintain just across our dirt road. Four of those trees were pretty big ones. There was also one large tree left leaning over the power lines, but Alabama Power removed that one in November.

We got the trees on our lot cleaned up within a couple of weeks after Katrina, but the others had to wait until we had time. My sister-in-law’s house right next door was flooded during the hurricane and has been empty since last September. So there wasn’t any hurry to get the two big trees on that lot cleaned up. A couple of humid Sundays provided an opportunity to get out the chain saw and do some cutting. Fortunately the city of Mobile has a regular pick-up for tree and garden debris, so the first pile of branches has already been hauled away. The cut logs we will use as a campfire border until they get burned up.

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