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July 28, 2006

A new woodshed

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We used to store our wood in the basement. Then Katrina paid us a visit.

At the height of a hot and unusually dry summer it seems odd to talk about the heatingnew woodshed season in southern Alabama, which isn’t very long to begin with. We heat with wood. Monica has a wood-burning cooking stove which provides enough warmth for the living portion of the house. With all the trees around, there was never a problem finding wood for heating. In fact, sometimes I felt like the man Jesus described who built bigger barns for all his stuff. We had probably 3 years of wood stored in the basement before Katrina. Monica also had a 10 foot long uncut cypress log down there that she wanted to have cut into boards. When our basement flooded during Katrina, the cypress log floated to the front of the basement and smashed a window, enabling a good portion of the cut firewood to float away through the "empty" window as the water receded. So we decided to construct an outdoor woodshed to store our firewood, at a sufficient distance from the creek to make it very unlikely that the wood will ever float away. The project was completed just in time prior to my return trip to Germany this week.

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